Sometimes the best ads aren’t ads at all.

When you’re New Zealand’s (and arguably the world’s) most popular Tennessee whiskey, it’s tempting to not rock the boat and roll out the same ads as previous years. But doing that would be boring. We wanted something new that reflected the lives and interests of Jack Daniel’s core drinkers. We needed a long idea, not a tactical one.

American style low and slow BBQ’s are growing in popularity overseas, you might have seen the competitions on TV where people BBQ meat for over a 36-hour period. It’s serious stuff.

Legend has it that a young Jack Daniel sold meat and whiskey by the barrel to fund his new distillery. We thought it stands to reason that these two Southern staples were meant to be together. So, we created the Jack Daniel’s National BBQ Championship Series - seven nationwide events where teams compete for the title of Grand Champion.

We launched the series under the platform of the Brothers of the Grill. Over the following months we planned, designed and executed all aspects of the Championship - from finding locations, website, event collateral, promo material, to working with Thane and Dunc at The Rock FM to give the event wide appeal.

It may be low and slow BBQ, but it was a quick success for Jack Daniel’s loyal drinkers.

More at jdbbqchampionship.co.nz