Wattie’s Tomato Sauce is NZ’s favourite sauce, but we needed to strengthen its relevance for Kiwis and bringing it top of mind. We decided to hero all the foods that Kiwis put Tomato Sauce on… even the weirdest ones.

Putting Tomato Sauce on everything: It’s a Kiwi thing.

J001800_003402-0033407_QueenSt_Watties_TSauce_Digital_840x280px ice cream.jpg
J001800_003402-0033407_QueenSt_Watties_TSauce_Digital_840x280px chips.jpg
J001800_003402-0033407_QueenSt_Watties_TSauce_Digital_840x280px broccoli.jpg
J001800_003402-0033407_QueenSt_Watties_TSauce_Digital_840x280px fried rice.jpg
J001800_003402-0033407_QueenSt_Watties_TSauce_Digital_840x280px sausage.jpg