The Vitafresh brand has been around for a long time in the ambient aisle of the supermarket (powdered sachets). Our job was to grow the brand.

We undertook a market analysis of the beverage shopper across the supermarket and the trends to ready to drink were obvious. We understood that the beverage buyer in the fruit drink aisle was quite different to the ambient aisle. 

Furthermore we saw the rise of 'anti sugar' in the beverage aisle and we started to look for an opportunity, a gap in the market, for Vitafresh to exploit.

We researched attitudes and usage of beverages with families and from this we uncovered an insight that kids love water, they just don't get excited about drinking it all that much. Mums and Dads loved juice, but weren't prepared to give it to their kids in the volumes that kids needed for refreshment. 


We saw that there was a gap between tap water and regular juice. Plus no-one had created a beverage that was solely focused on kids.

We created a positioning of 'Made for Kids' and needed to re-formulate a product that was low in sugar and had no artificial stuff inside - but tasted great.

Research confirmed we were onto something, with 78% of parents loving the concept. The same research showed we had to prove it wasn't too good to be true, which informed a lot of our thinking around pack design and communications.

We created a video with kids selling the idea to the supermarket buyers, plus a nationwide marketing campaign to deliver awareness of the proposition and get the product into parents hands. This includes a full social media strategy as well as in store activity, radio and print.