Smales Farm approached us with a great opportunity. They were planning to build an office building with a difference - one that was designed to be flexible around a businesses changing needs, complete with movable walls. It was also designed to be a turn key solution for its tenants, with everything built into the rent - including free coffee.

It was our job to work through the target audience, the key messaging and develop the tools that were going to help market this offer to prospective tenants. 



With a new concept, it takes some time to explain all the features and benefits. We needed a single minded proposition that could hold a story together.

The territory needed to appeal to a higher emotional benefit than just the functional features the office space delivered.

We knew we were talking to innovators, start ups and entrepreneurial business owners. We wanted to identify with their daring attitude,

Our positioning was 'the building that breaks the rules'.




At the core of the activity was a video we created that tells the B:HIVE story and prompts people to book a tour. 


We created material that real estate agents in Auckland could use to tell the story to their customers and where prospective tenants could learn more.


We created a marketing campaign in proximity to our audiences commute, in key print publications and also targeted them online.