We all know the frustration: standing at the supermarket wine section, staring blankly into the abyss of a million wine brands unable to decide. All you want is the reassurance that what you’re buying will taste good. You end up asking yourself, why is this so hard?

Constellation Brands agreed – it is confusing. So they asked us for help.

We found a large hole in the market for a premium wine brand that did what it said – deliver on big flavour and said so clearly on the label.

This led us to create The Taste Collection. Sitting within the Selaks family, the design of the labels clearly describing the taste cues of each varietal – with none of the confusing froufrou you find on virtually every other wine label.

While the labels reassured consumers, the advertising talked to consumers who seek a premium wine that’s worth paying a little bit more for.

The results have been outstanding. the winemakers are struggling to keep up with demand, which of course, makes for one very happy client.


The Taste Collection launch has been supported by a full 360 campaign with powerful outdoor, magazine and digital advertising and a strong in-store presence.