In 2008, Selaks was a brand in trouble. Shoppers weren't shopping Selaks like they used to. In the face of stiff competition, sales were declining and there was the daunting possibility of losing retail space. 

We performed a rigorous analysis on the wine shopper and the wider environment. What we discovered was that the shoppers were seeing it as less and less relevant in their repertoire. Brand consideration had fallen, which correlated strongly to sales.

We had to re-evaluate everything from the ground up, including the brand platform, packaging and the way we marketed the brand in the supermarket and wider communications.


Insights showed there was a core of loyal customers and a latent warmth towards the brand. We created a new brand positioning of "Bringing Friends & Family Together" that spoke to a brand truth in the Selaks family heritage and allowed us to work on a more emotive connection than the industry standard 'wine that has won some awards' stance.

We then modernised the packaging, weaving in the new brand positioning into the label and core collateral.

Then we created an occasion based marketing platform to carry the activity and give shoppers a reason to reconsider the brand. What better occasion to bring friends and family together than the good old Kiwi Roast.

'Selaks Roast Day' is now in its 6th year and it has helped re-invent the Selaks brand, reversing the decline and lifting its share in still wine from #9 to #1 in grocery.


Selaks Roast Day started as a simple media event and a cookbook in 2009. Over the years it has developed into a marketing programme that involves the whole supermarket, even increasing sales of other supermarket brands as a result.  

We developed the architecture and delivered a long lasting campaign that touched every part of the wine shoppers path to purchase, across store media, print, radio, digital and social. 



One of the core elements of the campaign that we created was the celebrity inspired cookbook, which shoppers can download for free from the Selaks Roast Day website (as advertised on pack and in above the line comms). 


In 2014 we evolved the campaign beyond food and wine to involve those moments that occur when you have a roast. Bringing in Kiwi celebrities, we created a cook off and featured their recipes in the book. We also got the public involved by voting for their favourite celebrity. 

We supported the campaign with paid media in women's lifestyle titles as well as food & drink publications. Radio and digital advertising was also used to help drive frequency of message and interaction with the campaign.


This was all integrated into the main website, which acted as a hub for downloads, polls and voting. The Roast Day Cookbook has been downloaded over 30,000 times.

Each celebrity 'chef' used their social media channels and radio interviews to lobby the public for votes and expand the reach the campaign.

In total the campaign delivered over $2 Million dollars in PR value alone.

We also shot some fly on the wall videos of the chefs cooking up the recipes that featured in the cookbook, which given the banter of the celebrities was perfect for short social media videos.