iSite wanted to launch their new outdoor media planning service, which was backed by some seriously impressive technology, to their clients – namely media agencies and marketing professionals.

The Business was asked to develop a campaign concept and produce all elements of the campaign.

The insight is that we were marketing to a highly critical audience - the very people who create advertising and marketing ideas. At the same time, we had to make quite a rational subject leave an impression and to do this, we are lucky enough to have a client that pushes the boundaries and isn't afraid to push a big idea.

Our strategy was to weave members of the industry in the story and have some fun with the dry subject of targeting. So we created the platform of 'Highly Targeted Outdoor'. 


We launched the service at an event at The Cloud in Auckland followed by regional events in the main mets. This included the launch video (below) which then did the rounds on Stoppress and other industry blogs.

Highly targeted media was taken very literally when we shot 3500 magazine inserts with a .223 assault rifle at a shooting range on the west coast. It was magazine execution taken to a whole new level… Coupled with interactive target shooting digital banners, secret dossier invitations to the events and DM pieces comprising of USB bullets, highly targeted outdoor media really came to life.

The marketing initiative won a silver, 4 golds and the Nexus Supreme at the Direct Marketing Awards and 3 Golds in the TVNZ Marketing awards.


Originally designed as an intro for the 200 strong B2B audience to set up the proposition and break the ice, the video brought the story of the new positioning and service to life - all with key media players in the industry having a laugh at themselves. 


We know marketers and agencies read Stoppress & Marketing Magazine - so we created innovative ads in both, backed up with a strong B2B sales presentation for agencies and even 'the making of' the press ad (some people didn't believe we had actually shot the ad with real bullets). The instant impact on iSite's business was hugely successful. 


In 2015 we proved the platform could stretch by using a similar methodology for the new service - R&F measurement for bus advertising. This time our platform focused on why media agencies feared going outdoors, positioning this service as the antidote. Again we had some fun with the video, with no shortage of would be actors lining up to take centre stage.