Buying health supplements in store can be confusing with such an array of products on offer. Women can also have differing health needs depending upon their life stage i.e. pregnancy, menopause or menstruation. We wanted to create a tool that would enable women to find exactly the right supplement for their needs.

Women are the nurturer of families and the main shopper in Natural Health, which offers an ideal opportunity to create interaction with the shopper and help with guidance. This is often not that easy with the plethora of products on offer in Natural Health

In store sales staff didn't have enough product knowledge to influence purchase, and they often would mix brand recommendations meaning our share of wallet was being limited. We needed to find a way of influencing the shopper to ask for Clinicians products, help pharmacy store staff sell the range and to create a cohesive offer.




First we created a look and positioning for this sub brand that incorporated the complexity of women’s health in a very visual, simple and beautifully feminine treatment. 

Working on insights gained by talking to women and retailers about their path to purchase, The Business developed an innovative Retailer and Consumer program, featuring a women’s health assessment tool, ultimately making it easier for women to find solutions to their personal health needs.

The tool comes in a form of a laminated questionnaire for the retailer in store to help them navigate to a 'whole range' solution. There is also a consumer facing website for women to use in the comfort of their home, with personalised recommendations and incentives to take them in store to ask for the products by name. This program is supported with a fully integrated above and below the line campaign.


Clinicians Print ad & In Store Poster

Clinicians Print ad & In Store Poster


The new website has a two-minute, easy-to-use decision-making tree to help Kiwi women conduct their own virtual check-up at home to work out what supplements are recommended for their needs. They can download this information along with a discount voucher and bring these into the store to purchase the product or seek further information.

The Clinicians’ interactive website is supported by an in-store consulting tool – a laminated visual questionnaire that the retailer can help the consumer complete. The results can be entered into a brochure for the consumer to keep and the laminated board can be wiped clean for the next customer.

The online tool was a tough challenge, to create something simple for the user to use but which behind the scenes is inherently terribly complex. It took us months to work through the logic behind the tool but it was a real team effort. The result is well worth it and has given Clinicians a real point of difference in the market..