The Hosiery market has had a hard time in recent years., with falling sales. All the brands are very bland and generic, working to a formula. There was a lot of apathy in the industry and retailers were looking for something different. Given the big vacancy for innovation, we created a new offering – something that broke the mould.

There are a multitude of brands and packaging on the shelf but it seems like the hosiery market is still, somehow, stuck in the 80’s. Packaging is all product focussed, never really taking it to the brand level, nor showing the emotional benefit. Some brands do it better than others but, by looking at them, the message is always the same: We sell hosiery! So, following that obsolete formula, Bellamagia (beautiful magic) needed to stand out and crave attention on shelf.


We created the full brand, packaging and marketing communications campaign to disrupt the market. We couldn’t miss out on the huge opportunity to tell a compelling and powerful series of stories, each one of them illustrating “The Magic”. This is crafted from the insight that women feel an emotional payoff, a sort of transformation when they dress in beautiful hosiery. So let’s recognise and celebrate that. The magic is the ‘alter ego’ which will be triggered once you wear a pair of Bellamagia hosiery. Each pair of stockings has it’s own “magic Power” to turn you into one of the empowered characters described on the packaging.

Moving away from the standard emotionless names such as Classic, Stockings and Opaques etc. we move into our big idea – the ‘Alter Ego’. We have names such as The Femme fatale, The Goddess, The Warrior etc. While we maintain the sophistication and quality ‘rules’ of the category.


Launched April 9th 2012, it is now ranged in 98% of independent boutiques and department stores. Re-orders are well above expectations already and have surpassed established brands. Some retailers are even dropping other brands to make more space for Bellamagia. Demand is so high that stock is now being flown in from Italy as shipping is too slow and the brand is shipping to Australia and Asia.