We've been working with Appserv since 2011, developing their brand positioning and communications campaigns.

After Appserv was acquired by Spark in 2014, developing a pull marketing strategy was no longer an issue. Instead, we had to equip the new sales channels (Spark) with the knowledge and motivation to drive sales opportunities into Appserv and make sense of what was traditionally a complicated proposition.



We simplified the sales proposition to become more user friendly for our new sales channels. Then we created a channel sales incentive and facilitated a nationwide sales training programme, to help Spark sales teams understand and get incentivised to sell Appserv.

We then re-engineered the website to bring it into line with Spark Cloud services, complete with proposition videos. Then we developed collateral for prospects to understand the Appserv Cloud in detail.


We created the idea of making 2015 a BIG year with Appserv. This included BIG incentives and BIG support plus BIG contributions to existing targets. We supported this with a BIG launch box full of big goodies, plus a BIG night out in the BIG smoke for top performers. All backed up with a programme of product education, prospect identification, internal marketing and sales training.


Testimonials, proposition videos and customer collateral were developed to make the path to purchase more effective.