Following a growing trend in US and European markets, Crafters Union Wines decided to launch a range of ‘wine in a can’ early 2018 in New Zealand and Australia.

Already known for their arty bottle sleeves and their focus on craft, we decided to leverage Crafters Union strength in the social sphere – particularly on Instagram – via a network of influencers (paid and non-paid) combined with highly targeted social advertising on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The results were outstanding with over 2.5 million impressions on Facebook over January and February 2018 and engagement rates well above industry standards.

But to us, the best result was the feedback from the market: Within 4 weeks of launch, Crafters Union canned wine was number 1 in the canned wine category in New Zealand supermarkets.

Crafters Union Wine is also the number 1 ranked canned wine in the Woolworths Group Australia (as at 17/07/18).

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